K. Tang

Jothi is great at what she does when it comes to the wellness and holistic care. She had helped me when no other health providers can help me with my knee pains except choice of surgery. She was able to pin-pointed me to the right path and providing holistic option in combination of lifestyle and diet changes after she spent a lot of time understanding when/how my condition started as well as my lifestyle habits and type of food I in-take. Jothi, unlike any other health care providers, has passion and compassion in what she does, and care for each of the people she came across care for, and even after the session, she personally follows up and see how I was doing and how far i was able to follow her recommendation despite her busy working schedule. I feel very lucky to cross path with her as she is knowledgable in what she does on wellness care and able to heal my knee pain non-intrusively when no other health provider can!

K. Tang

N. Gabitova

My daughter had an ankle injury that she’s been nursing for a few months. After making a few adjustments and a couple of Reiki sessions with Jothi, her symptoms went away completely. In addition, she reported some changes in the way she was feeling about herself – her confidence and self-awareness has increased and she felt better overall.

I know that Jothi has gone through an amazing transformational self-healing journey – with a great success. The power of energetic healing has always been on my mind and I am now ready to learn it for myself – Jothi has convinced me with her successful examples. Thank you!

N. Gabitova

M. Singh

Jothi is an outstanding holistic and wellness care provider. We initially crossed paths for a completely different reason (she is a talented dance teacher) and through discussion, she mentioned her wellness clinic. I immediately felt comfortable asking Jothi holistic/women’s health questions; I had recently given birth to my second child and knew she is also a mom of three. She is extremely thorough with her intake, wonderful with customizing holistic options based on lifestyle/diet and fantastic with follow-up/compliance reminders. What makes Jothi so special is that she is blessed with both passion and compassion and will make time for you no matter how busy she is. Being a health care provider myself, I consider myself lucky to work with such a rare, knowledgeable gem!

M. Singh

N. Aggrawal

My son Adit was having some pain in the head that he complained about on and off. We weren’t sure what it was. Jothi did Reiki sessions on him when he was asleep. She detected it was something to do with incoming cold. Next morning sure enough, he had a bad cold which we had not detected earlier. She gave another Reiki session to him and it was almost gone. Usually cold like these lasts a few days – but her session definitely helped him heal faster!!

Jothi tries to take her time listening to your issues, is very understanding, flexible with the time and has a very peaceful sweet personality. We love Jothi and recommend her amazing Reiki skills to anyone who needs healing.

N. Aggrawal


Jothi is a very compassionate and positive person. She truly cares about people and will be your biggest cheerleader. She has helped guide me with my mental well-being while struggling with chronic pain. She understands how the mind and physical body work together, and has a network of natural health professionals to help guide you on your path to recovery.

P. Goel

I have known Jothi since

I have known Jothi since few years when we’re working together. They say friends are just a phone call away. I would say Jothi is one of them for me, anytime any day I text her call her I know I will get a reply an answer with few mins. She is my helpline in everything. I had known her before she had all the health struggles but I have seen her always showing positive attitude towards everything as well as listening to smallest thing. She was the first person who encouraged me to eat healthy stuffs and how to watch on the diet. She always shared her experiences and the way she tackled her issues. They have been so inspiring and when ever I feel tired of go through some crazy day I think of her and feel more energetic.

It can be post pregnancy or breastfeeding or new momma with 2 kids she has been so encouraging in all the phases.

S. Kadiwar

It is not often that

It is not often that one comes across a person whose EQ and IQ levels are exceedingly high and who sets out to put both to good use. Jothi’s capacity to assimilate, analyze and apply knowledge from fields as diverse as cybersecurity to alternative (functional) medicine/therapies can be seen in the wide variety of roles assumed by her as well as the advice provided by her.

She has a tremendous amount of patience as well as an intuitive ability to ask the right questions to guide the individual to finding the correct solution(s) to their problems.She actively keeps herself updated in her chosen areas of expertise. I have personally found the positive affirmation videos suggested by her to be eye-opening in terms of dealing with certain negative life experiences.A little over two years ago, when a botched C section left her with a very weak core along with the option of a surgical fix alone, it was only Jothi’s perseverance and persistence that came to her rescue in terms of getting back on her feet without any surgery at all.

Per Jothi’s recommendation, I am currently undergoing the Tummy Team’s Core Rehab program and I look forward to to realizing the benefits of the same.

A. Subramanian

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